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Our Courses

Big Data

IANT (Institute of Advance Network Technology) Being a Platinum Partner in India, offer's CompTIA Certification Exam at the lowest cost in World.

Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data

  • What is Big Data
  • What are the challenges for processing big data
  • What technologies support big data
  • What is Hadoop
  • Why Hadoop
  • History of Hadoop
  • Use cases of Hadoop
  • RDBMS vs Hadoop
  • When to use and when not to use Hadoop
  • Ecosystem tour
  • Vendor comparison
  • Hardware Recommendations & Statistics

HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System

  • Significance of HDFS in Hadoop
  • Features of HDFS
  • 5 daemons of Hadoop

    • Name Node and its functionality
    • Data Node and its functionality
    • Secondary Name Node and its functionality
    • Job Tracker and its functionality
    • Task Tracker and its functionality
  • Data Storage in HDFS

    • Introduction about Blocks
    • Data replication
  • Accessing HDFS

    • CLI (Command Line Interface) and admin commands
    • Java Based Approach
  • Fault tolerance
  • Download Hadoop
  • Installation and set-up of Hadoop

    • Start-up & Shut down process
  • HDFS Federation

Map Reduce

  • Map Reduce Story
  • Map Reduce Architecture
  • How Map Reduce works
  • Developing Map Reduce
  • Map Reduce Programming Model

    • Different phases of Map Reduce Algorithm
    • Different Data types in Map Reduce
    • how Write a basic Map Reduce Program
  • Driver Code
  • 3Mapper
  • Reducer
  • Creating Input and Output Formats in Map Reduce Jobs

    • Text Input Format
    • Key Value Input Format
    • Sequence File Input Format
  • Data localization in Map Reduce
  • Combiner (Mini Reducer) and Partitioner
  • Hadoop I/O
  • Distributed cache


  • Introduction to Apache Pig
  • Map Reduce Vs. Apache Pig
  • SQL vs. Apache Pig
  • Different data types in Pig
  • Modes of Execution in Pig
  • Grunt shell
  • Loading data
  • Exploring Pig
  • Latin commands


  • Hive introduction
  • Hive architecture
  • Hive vs RDBMS
  • HiveQL and the shell
  • Managing tables (external vs managed)
  • Data types and schemas
  • Partitions and buckets


  • Architecture and schema design
  • HBase vs. RDBMS
  • HMaster and Region Servers
  • Column Families and Regions
  • Write pipeline
  • Read pipeline
  • HBase commands