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Our Courses

ECVP - Ec-Council Certified VoIp Professional

VoIP refers to voice calls that are routed over online networks using the Internet Protocol--the IP that serves as the backbone of the Internet and is used to ferry e-mails, instant messages and Web pages to millions of PCs or cell phones. VoIP is unique bundle of technologies that allows internet-ready devices to transmit voice and other multimedia data over the web instead of over the telephone network. ECVP course covers Voice of IP technologies, concepts, threats and security issues.

  • Introduction to VoIP
  • Analog to Digital Conversions
  • Traditional Voice Telephony Principles
  • VoIP Devices and Cisco Components
  • Con? guring VoIP
  • Implementation and Applications of VoIP
  • Quality of Service (QoS) of VoIP
  • H.323 Standards
  • SIP and Supporting Protocols
  • Megaco Protocol
  • Resource Reservation Protocol
  • Wireless VoIP
  • Encryption Techniques for VoIP
  • Troubleshooting VoIP Network
  • VoIP Testing and Tools
  • Threats to VoIP Communication Network
  • VoIP Security
  • Logical Segregation of Network Traffic
  • Hardware and Software VoIP Vendors
  • Regulatory Compliance of VoIP
  • VoIP Hacking